Voyager Tang Inspired NE IPA Can Release

By Double Nickel Brewing Company (other events)

Thu, Dec 27 2018 4:00 PM Sun, Dec 30 2018 10:00 PM

Cruising through space non-stop since 1977, The Voyager 2 probe has finally left the heliosphere and has now entered interstellar space, the 2nd manmade object to ever do so.

To commemorate this momentous occasion we are releasing Voyager, a 6.3% ABV  Tang inspired NE IPA brewed with a refreshing splash of tangerines and lactose. Prepare to send your taste buds on a trajectory out of this solar system!

Pre-sale orders begin NOW so hurry up and reserve some before it’s gone!  This is a brewery tasting room only release and only 40 cases will be available.

$17/4-pack (16oz cans); limit 1 case/person.

You can reserve up to 1 case (6 4-packs) through Ticket Leap and then will be able to pick-up and pay for your order starting on December 6th at our tasting room from 4PM-10PM.

Voyager will also be availble on draft at the tasting room.

Must be 21 or older for purchase.

Double Nickel Brewing Company